Gay Dad And Son Story 5

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Gay Dad And Son Story 5 – Jimmy’s eyes poped out and his jaw dropped. “Uncle Robin? Mum’s brother?” I nodded. “When?” He asked.
“It was a long time before we adopted you. Even before your mother and I were  married.”
“Continue. How did that happen?”

“Well, Robin lived in Australia for a few years. But he wanted to return for your mother and my marriage. He returned to the country about 2 weeks before the wedding and had no place to live. So we said he could stay with us in what is now your room. It was a hot summer that year and Robin tended to walk around without wearing a shirt. Wearing tight little shorts that Australians wore. He was, probably still, a very good looking man, had a head full of black hair, a very hairy chest. His package always full and his butt looks so tight. His legs are like tree trunks.

“One day your mother had to go to town to buy last minute wedding goods. So Robin and I just wanted to lie in the sun in the back garden, drinking beer. He only wearing shorts, no underwear. I could see clearly the outline of his cock – it looked cut, big and thick. Don’t know if it was beer, or the sun. Or the fact he looked very aroused, we finally talked about sex. When we talked his cock started to grow, like mine. out of his shorts. He also did nothing to hide it. I don’t remember who started it, but finally I got down on my knees pulling Robin’s shorts down. Looking at the hard-cut cock.”

Jimmy stroked my cock while I was talking and now is hard as steel. Standing tall. Precum gathered in the piss hole that Jimmy bent and licked. “How big is the cock daddy?” He asked.

“He’s about my size, but thicker. The balls are tight and small, then he blows up his load on his stomach. There’s a lot of it. Over the next few weeks we play around as often as possible when your mother comes out or sleep. And one night he said he wanted to fuck me. He  did it. It felt like hell for the first time…”

“First time? You mean he fucked you more than once?”
“Oh yeah. After a few attempts we really had an intimate relationship and planted our sperm in each other. He said he was bi and had some fuck-buddies in Sydney, so he was used to making love. Shortly after the wedding, even though he have to go back to Oz. When he moved back to England forever. We connected several times but stopped when he got married and moved to Manchester. And then you came to our lives.”

“Wondering if he’s still playing around with guys? We have to bring him here to visit and find out,” Jimmy said.
“I don’t know about that. I don’t think I want to share you with others,” I said. Then I leaned over and began to kiss Jimmy passionately. I grabbed his cock as usual, very hard and dripping. “Looks like you’re glad I said that to you,” I said.

“Yes, I do. I can do with cock in my ass now.” He began to rub the hole and put his finger in. I want nothing more than inserting my hard stone cock ball deep into her excited twitching ass. But I slap him on the leg and say “later, we need dinner”. I got out of bed and walked to the window, my hard cock bouncing as I walked.

“I want to know if our neighbors are still  watching,” I said. I did a long stretch in front of the window then put on some shorts. When I left the room, Jimmy said, “If you are going to tease and seduce our neighbor. Then you must share me dad. There is no way you have him alone.”

A few weeks passed, Jimmy and I sucked each other and fuck every chance we have. I really enjoyed the feeling of Jimmy’s monster cock deep inside me, but I think I’d rather fuck him. His ass was so hungry that he always wanted me , screwed him with a long hard punch. He likes getting poppered and then sitting on my hard cock taking bollocks inside. And then riding me until I spit out my hot cum. He will always cover my stomach and chest with hot semen when we make love that way. Then lick it and kiss me so we can share it.

We buy several sex toys online. Some dildos start from around 6 inch to large monsters that are 13 inch long and as thick as my wrist. None of us can take the big one but I think Jimmy aims to have it in his cunt soon. We also bought some medium butt plugs that felt hot when inserted, and some cock rings.

Plugged in when we walk around the house always keeping our cock in a semi hard state. We always walk around the house naked or wearing only underwear or shorts. Usually with one or both of our ass plugged. Quite often we will see flashes of sun reflected off binoculars from the window of a neighbor’s house. One Sunday after a strong fuck  session that left us both with cum loads on our cunt. We heard a lawn mower from outside and it sounded like it was next door. We both went to the window and stared at our nosy neighbors while mowing the grass. He is a damn hot stud. Around 6 foot, the hair is cut short which may be a little gray, neat beard.

He was not wearing a shirt and his body was tanned. Not too developed with a haircut on his chest and with a little belly. We can clearly see that the left nipple has a small ring piercing. His arms are well developed. And when he pushes his lawn mower, we can see the muscles of his upper arms flexing. He was wearing thin gray shorts and the way the package flopped around – and his cock looked a good size.

He didn’t look directly at our window, but I guess he knew we were watching. He bowed several times, I thought to take a stone or something from the grass, and then crouched down. Fuck his ass looks good – firm, round and not soft at all. Sometimes he will scratch his package or pull the ball. “Hmmm – I think he’s holding a show for us now,” Jimmy said. Jimmy’s cock stood up straight and he slowly started stroking while watching the man.

“Maybe we should get to know him a little better. What do you think?” I ask.
“Oh yeah? How better?” Jimmy  answered. I just moved my eyebrows up and down a few times. “Oh, like that,” he said. “Are you bored with me?”

“Never Jimmy. But you are only 18, you should want to sample other cock besides mine. And from the state of your cock now I think you are interested in it. I prefer we play together than you go it alone. It might be fun and hot to see you playing with other people’s cock. As long as you play with mine too. ”
“Go back to bed, dad. I want to play with your cock now.”

About 2 weeks later the neighbor came out to cut his grass again. It was a hot day and he was dressed the same as before – without clothes, thin shorts. And guesses, he would be the commander. We had decided that the next time we saw him, we would invite him to drink a beer or two. And maybe BBQ, so we began to planning.

We cleaned up thoroughly, then I sprayed Jimmy’s ass with lube and and plug his hole. He wears the cock ring behind his cock and the ball. His cock and balls clearly visible like wet patches developing on the head of his knob. I wore some loose-legged shorts that would give him a good view of my cock when we sat down. We both went shirtless. The neighbor finished mowing the lawn right when we went down to the kitchen. So I hurriedly walked to the fence between our gardens and poked my head over it. “Hi, friend,” I said. “A hot day to do that.”

He looked at me and smiled. “Yes, it is, but it needs to be done. Glad that it’s finished.” His voice is deep and sexy.

“Why don’t you come for one or two beers after it’s finished. Bring your wife or your partner. Be good to get to know you better.”
“Well, I’m a little sweaty and maybe stink to high heaven. And my partner is out for the day, but I’d love to join you alone.”
“Okay. Sweat doesn’t matter to me or my son”. I saw his eyebrows twitch slightly when he mentioned that Jimmy was also here. I am not sure if that is my imagination but his cock seems to grow a little on his shorts.
“Okay buddy. Give me  a minutes.”

“Let’s go straight to the back garden. I’ll put beer in the Sakongkiu cooler.” I turned and gave Jimmy a thumbs up. Our plan is ongoing.

About 10 minutes later I positioned several chairs facing each other. And sun loungers on the terrace in the back garden. When I heard him coming on the side of the house. I walked to him with outstretched arms. “Hi, friend.” I said as we shook hands. His grip is strong.

“Please sit down, my son Jimmy will be down in a minute. Like the beer?” I directed him to one of the chairs. Hoping he would sit there so I could start flashing at him, and he did.

“Thank you. Yes please. I’m very thirsty after the job.” I get us a few beers from the cooler. Turn the lid and hand one to Jake. I sat across from him but my feet remained closed. Not sure whether Jake was our observer and I didn’t want to scare him. My cock is half pole. We chatted casually – I know he was 42 years old, a graphic designer who worked from home. Had moved a few months earlier after living in an apartment in South London. At that moment I heard Jimmy walking out to join us. Now the fun will begin.

Jimmy is a vision when he walks to the terrace. His body sparkled with the sun lotion he applied. The cock ring behind the ball pushes his cock and ball up. And forward and is well described in lycra shorts. He is not hard so his cock is hanging off his left leg. I glanced at Jake, who was standing and openly staring at Jimmy’s bulging package. “jake,” I said, “this is my son Jimmy. Jimmy this is Jake.”

Jimmy held out his hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Jake. I’m a bit oily with tan cream but my hands are dry”. They shook hands and then both of them sat down. Jake back in his chair facing me and Jimmy stretched his legs. The bulge in Jake’s shorts grew larger and created an upright tent. My cock also grew and began to push down the legs of my shorts. The atmosphere became erotic because we all made small talk and openly glanced at cock. Jimmy’s cock is now hard and pushing the lycra. Leaking some precum so that the lycra starts to get a wet patch.

Suddenly Jake finished his beer, stood up and said. “Thank you for the beer, but I really have to go back. There are still a few things to do.” With that he turned and quickly left. Jimmy and I looked at each other with my mouth open. From the bulge of Jake’s shorts when he stood up, he was clearly interested in us.

“I think we come to strong Sakongkiu ,” said Jimmy.
I leaned forward and whispered to Jimmy, “I didn’t hear the side gate. You know how it squeaked when it opened. I think he was hiding around the side of the house watching us.” Jimmy smiled. “Well, let’s see if we can make him back”. He said as he raised his hand over my shorts and grabbed my hard cock.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


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